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I am
Sylvie Dakini

But you can also just call me Sylvie.

Dakini comes from the oriental tradition and has been translated most often as “Sky dancer”. Dakini is a tantric deity best described as a female embodiment of enlightened energy.

For me, she acts as an inspiration, as a muse, awakening consciousness, taking us beyond our limits. I chose Dakini because I often feel her energy when I dance, giving me power and courage.

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Sylvie Dancing & Meditating



In the earlier stages of my life, I explored lots of forms of art, but dancing remained my biggest passion. The first steps on this journey were made through ballet and modern dance followed by contemporary dance. Later, I discovered Oriental and Indian fusion dance, as a result of which I coordinated, for 2 years, belly dance groups for all ages and took courses of traditional Indian dance (Bharatanatyam) internationally. I then learned pole dance, and this helped me manifest my femininity more abundantly.

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Live dance performances at various events

The range of dances varies from Belly Dance, Indian fusion dance, Pole dance, Burlesque, to Sacred sensual dance that can be performed in many types of events, like festivals, workshops, private and corporate parties.

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Courses and

I hold courses and workshops in the UK and abroad on Sensual Dancing for Women, Conscious Dance for Women and Men, Chakra Flow Dance, Dance module for awakening the 12 feminine archetypes and many more variations in between.

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1 to 1 dance

If you need more time and the rhythm of the group doesn’t work for you, you can also opt for private dance sessions packages in which you will have more practical advice on your specific needs.

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Tantric Groups and Events for Women

I coordinate group meetings and teach in events dedicated to women, integrating tantric principles specific to the path of femininity.

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Personalized Dance Video-Cards

If you want to wish in a unique way Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas

Although I mainly worked with women in the past, I recently started offering courses of conscious dance for men and mixed group workshops, to help create more polarity and connection between the masculine and the feminine energies.

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My purpose is to help people be more in tune with their bodies, with their hearts and to bring to surface their full potential

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Founder of the
Kamarasi Dance Course

I am also the founder of the Kamarasi Dance Course, a series of modules which explore the aliveness, sensuality and spiritual impetus of the feminine universe.  

The first module is based on the knowledge and expression (through movement) of the 12 archetypes of the soul, while the second module focuses on various godly attributes and virtues.

The name KAMARASI comes from the Sanskrit words “KAMA” and “RASA”. KAMA is related to sensual longing or aspiration, pleasure of the senses, aesthetic enjoyment of life, affection and love. Therefore, a very important part of our life is defined through KAMA. Experiencing any kind of harmonious art is also part of KAMA. RASA, on the other hand, means “juice, essence or taste”. It connotates a concept in Indian arts about the aesthetic flavor of any visual, literary or musical work that evokes an emotion or feeling in the reader or audience.  

Putting it together, the idea of KAMARASI DANCE is to help us feel and express freely the richness of life that is flowing through our being with all that we are, as a means of discovering ourselves more and more, and of sharing what we discover in the process. It is a kind of dance that brings the pure enchanting savour of life and love to us as performers and also to those who watch us dance.

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One of my favorite types of dance is Epic Sensual, a concept I created as a result of the longing of my heart to experience a more expansive state of sensuality, filled with courage and a deep feeling of surrender in front of the Divine. Another important part of my style, both as a dancer and teacher, is what is often called improvisation. In this way, inspiration comes to me in a spontaneous flow, and it results mainly from my aiming to move and act in a harmonious way which takes me beyond my ego.

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A very important part of my life has become studying, living and unveiling the mysteries of the tantric typology of women described in many traditional oriental texts as Dombi: the pure, sensual and totally uninhibited woman who can discover God through sacred eroticism, enabling those who come in contact with her achieve the same.

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Combining the tantric teachings with my artistic nature, I feel that I have found a way to bring to surface my deepest emotions and sensuality in a very intense and also refined manner. This made me realize how dancing can be used as an instrument of self-knowledge and self-development, as something which helps us go beyond our mind and thus closer to our true godly nature.

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I believe that


helps us bring to surface all our intense emotions and feelings that we have deep inside and we need to have the courage to express exactly as we are.

Let's see how we
can unlock this transformation together >

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